The Official Register of Color Names

The Official Register of Color Names

Each color must have its own name
The Official Register of Color Names

About Us

The Official Register of Color Names is unique color name register used for registering existing Color Names and naming the new ones. ORCN is not affiliated with any governmental entities or educational institutions.
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Register existing and new Color Names to the ORCN.


For all colors to have their own names

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About The Official Register of Color Names


All Color Names included in the The Official Register of Color Names register are unique and do not repeat. Only one Color Name can be assigned to one Color Code. All given Color Names in the ORCN will be stored indefinitely.


ORCN expert team works hard on collecting and validating existing Color Names. We verify official and reliable information sources and include approved and conventional Color Names in the register.


ORCN invites everyone to contribute to the compilation of the register by suggesting existing Color Names that should be included in it. It also gives an opportunity for everyone who wants to contribute to the development of the color name register by naming the colors.

Examples of Color Names In The ORCN

Coral Tree




Sunset Pink


Ateneo Blue


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Give New Names to the Colors

Become a Creator of Color History
The Official Register of Color Names gives an opportunity to name your chosen colors. You can choose any unnamed and unreserved color, and name it.
Probably, the most ingenious way to perpetuate yourself, a special person or a company is to present a color name!

Help collect Color Names

Become a Color Name Expert
ORCN is being consistently updated with new color names. Including new color names to the register is a scrupulous and laborious process, because prior to validating a color name, it has to undergo a cross-verification in official and reliable sources.
In such way you will help an ORCN expert team, which will analyze your provided color name on a priority basis.
If you know a Color Name, which is not included in the register, please fill out this form.

Did you know?

Many colors already have generic, historical, or corporate names!