The Official Register of Color Names

Color harmony

Color Combinations to Create Harmony Any advertising, web design, or graphic design company can have a hard time picking a color and identifying it. There are around 16 million colors in the RGB color model, and it is challenging to achieve a perfect match for any project. That is why it is essential to know [...]

HEX Color Codes

HEX color codes All web page designs, video games, photographs, or digital art must include colors, but there are hundreds of thousands of colors, and the creators must have a record of which colors were used. All color models such as RGB, HEX, or HSL play an essential role in the identification and composition of [...]

RGB Colors Codes

RGB colors codes The term RGB is used a lot today because, in the technological area, this color model has been used to determine colors used in monitors, PC components, or as decorative lights. However, this has generated many doubts in people, and they do not know what RGB and its color codes are. What [...]