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#00FF00 - Green color image
The color name "Green" has been approved in accordance with the internal procedures of The Official Register of Color Names.

Record Validation Evidence: Wikipedia/Green

The history behind the Color Name Green

The word green comes from the Middle English and Old English word grene, which, like the German word grün, has the same root as the words grass and grow. It is from a Common Germanic *gronja-, which is also reflected in Old Norse grænn, Old High German gruoni (but unattested in East Germanic), ultimately from a PIE root *ghre- "to grow", and root-cognate with grass and to grow. The first recorded use of the word as a color term in Old English dates to ca. AD 700.

Latin with viridis also has a genuine and widely used term for "green". Related to virere "to grow" and ver "spring", it gave rise to words in several Romance languages, French vert, Italian verde (and English vert, verdure etc.).

Thus, the languages mentioned above (Germanic, Romance, Slavic, Greek) have old terms for "green" which are derived from words for fresh, sprouting vegetation. However, comparative linguistics makes clear that these terms were coined independently, over the past few millennia, and there is no identifiable single Proto-Indo-European or word for "green". For example, the Slavic zelenъ is cognate with Sanskrit hari "yellow, ochre, golden". The Turkic languages also have jašɨl "green" or "yellowish green", compared to a Mongolian word for "meadow". Likewise the Slavic languages with zelenъ.

Basic facts about this digital color

HEX #00FF00 color name is Green.

HEX color code #00FF00 represent the color in hexadecimal format by combining three values – the amounts of Red, Green and Blue (RGB).

The RGB values of this color are 0, 255, 0 ( rgb(0, 255, 0) ). That means #00FF00 color is composed of 0% of Red, 100% Green and 0% Blue.

Green color variations

View this color variations of tints, shades, tones and hues.

Green color harmonies

Color harmonies are pleasing color schemes created according to their position on a color wheel.


Complementary color schemes are made by picking two opposite colors con the color wheel. They appear vibrant near to each other.

Complementary color schemes

Split complementary

Split complementary schemes are like complementary but they uses two adiacent colors of the complement. They are more flexible than complementary ones.

Split complementary color scheme


Analogous color schemes are made by picking three colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. They are perceived as calm and serene.

Analogous color scheme


Triadic color schemes are created by picking three colors equally spaced on the color wheel. They appear quite contrasted and multicolored.

Triadic color scheme


Tetradic color schemes are made form two couples of complementary colors in a rectangular shape on the color wheel.

Tetradic color scheme


Square color schemes are like tetradic arranged in a square instead of rectangle. Colors appear even more contrasting.

Square color scheme

Green color backgrounds & wallpapers

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Conversions between color systems and etc.

  • HEX#00FF00
  • RGB0, 255, 0
  • CMYK100, 0, 100, 0
  • HSL120°, 100%, 50%
  • HSV120°, 100%, 100%
  • HSB120°, 100%, 100%
  • HEX ID00FF00
  • DECIMAL ID65280
  • Name Length5
  • Color Family (Hue)Green
  • Saturation FamilyVibrant
  • Brightness FamilyModerate Brightness