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The history behind the Color Name Light Navy Blue

"Light Navy Blue" is a color that is similar to the dark blue color of the traditional naval uniform, but with a lighter and more muted tone. The origin of the color name can be traced back to the early 20th century when the US Navy began to experiment with lighter shades of blue for their uniforms.

The US Navy first introduced the darker blue shade for their uniforms in 1886, which became known as "navy blue." However, during World War II, the navy needed a more practical and versatile uniform color that would blend in well with the sea and sky. As a result, they began experimenting with a lighter shade of blue that was less visible at a distance, but still provided enough contrast to be easily distinguishable from other colors.

This new shade of blue was called "light navy blue" or "Haze Gray," and it became the standard color for US Navy uniforms in the mid-1940s. The color has since been used for a wide range of applications, including naval uniforms, aircraft and vehicle paint schemes, and home decor.

Today, "Light Navy Blue" is a popular color choice for fashion, home decor, and design, and is often seen as a versatile and classic color that can be used in a variety of settings.

Basic facts about this digital color

HEX #2E5A88 color name is Light Navy Blue.

HEX color code #2E5A88 represent the color in hexadecimal format by combining three values – the amounts of Red, Green and Blue (RGB).

The RGB values of this color are 46, 90, 136 ( rgb(46, 90, 136) ). That means #2E5A88 color is composed of 18% of Red, 35.3% Green and 53.3% Blue.

Light Navy Blue color variations

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Light Navy Blue color harmonies

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Complementary color schemes are made by picking two opposite colors con the color wheel. They appear vibrant near to each other.

Complementary color schemes

Split complementary

Split complementary schemes are like complementary but they uses two adiacent colors of the complement. They are more flexible than complementary ones.

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Analogous color scheme


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Tetradic color schemes are made form two couples of complementary colors in a rectangular shape on the color wheel.

Tetradic color scheme


Square color schemes are like tetradic arranged in a square instead of rectangle. Colors appear even more contrasting.

Square color scheme

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Conversions between color systems and etc.

  • HEX#2E5A88
  • RGB46, 90, 136
  • CMYK35, 18, 0, 47
  • HSL211°, 49%, 36%
  • HSV211°, 66%, 53%
  • HSB211°, 66%, 53%
  • HEX ID2E5A88
  • DECIMAL ID3037832
  • Name Length15
  • Color Family (Hue)Azure
  • Saturation FamilyModerate Saturation
  • Brightness FamilyMild Brightness